Investing in Cyprus

Investment Opportunity Sectors

Capitalizing on its strategic location, Cyprus has developed through the years into a reputable international services hub especially in the financial services, maritime and shipping. European Union and eurozone membership have further enhanced Cyprus's attractiveness and its role as a business bridge and springboard for investments in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Top 10 reasons to Invest in Cyprus

Cyprus offers a unique basket of advantages to foreign investors utilizingCyprus as a base for conducting their business activities worldwide. Cyprus competitive advantages include its strategic geographical location, high educational level of the labour force in conjunction with low labour costs,one of the lowest corporate tax rate in the European Union, favourable business climate, advanced infrastructure.

Success Stories

In order to exploit Cyprus' competitive offerings, numerous multinational companies have established presence in Cyprus. Currently, Cyprus hosts over 271,208 registered companies from around the world. Selected success stories of already established foreign investments in Cyprus are presented.

FDI Statistics

Cyprus is one of the most attractive locations for foreign investments, ranking among the frontrunners of the world indicating both high FDI performance as well as high FDI potential, based on the World Investment Report of UNCTAD. In 2010, Cyprus attracted a total of 578 million Euro in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) .

FDI Policy

In order to further enhance the foreign investment intensity, the Government has fully liberalised the Foreign Direct Investment Policy not only for EU citizens but also for investors from third countries in most sectors of the economy as of the 1st of October 2004.